Monday, 14 December 2015

The Ted Cruz moment has arrived. The question is how long it will last?

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 Is it fleeting? Or will it run right up to the nomination stage at the RNC in Cleveland?

In the latest Des Moines Register poll, the Texas senator has surged way ahead of Donald Trump in Iowa, with 10 points separating them. Nationally, he still lags well behind Trump, but he’s been steadily climbing and is in second place in RealClearPolitics’ average.

How did this happen? Most of all, Cruz seems to have benefited from the collapse of Ben Carson, who has slipped significantly. He’s also pulling some voters from Donald Trump—just as he predicted would happen eventually, which is why he cozied up to Trump for so long. Cruz recently pulled in the endorsement of influential Iowan Bob Vander Plaats, effectively clinching evangelical support in the state. His campaign is also trumpeting his data efforts, which seek to close the campaign technology gap between Republicans and Democrats.

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